The 7QBA firm ~ Overview

Our specialty are numbers. You need a quantitative business analyst for your business in-order-to minimize risks and to be proactive in all your decisions making. A pro-active decision maker seeks richer set of alternatives than those traditionally considered, questions assumptions that are made regarding the structure of the relationships between alternatives and performances, questions assumptions regarding the assessment of important parameters that can potentially drive the decision, and consider diverse measure of performance that incorporate the perspectives of the various stakeholders in the decision. Think your business need an assistance? Don’t wait! You are in the right place. The 7QBA is here to help your business overcoming all financial obstacles and see it at a brighter place.


Project management ($75/hour- number of average hours depends on the length) We build your project from scratch to end. Every new initiative needs a clear insight before action is taken. Explain your idea, and give us your time frame. The project management includes: analyzing your business entrepreneurial orientation, evaluating its external environment, establishing a good management resources strategy, selecting a business level strategy…

Marketing & Budgeting ($56.58/hour- average 7 hours) Every completed project need some public boost to reach the amount of success it deserves. However, defining the accurate budget or a well-established strategy for your business marketing can be overwhelming. If your business has trouble setting the required budget and allocating media purchases for a project, stop worrying. By using the data from your previous marketing campaigns (if applied) along with our quantitative business skill, you can now say goodbye to your budgeting challenges. Tell us about your previous marketing strategy, the data or the results (in term of numbers, date…) that came out of it, your next target, and we will bring a solution to your problem.

Finance ($44/hour- average 8 hours) Where and how exactly to invest? While there are various investment opportunities out there, some of them may negatively affect your finances if they are not carefully assessed. If you are unsure about where to invest your money and earn great returns, the 7QBA firm proposes its Finance feature. We use various quantitative methods such as the discounted cash flow model, the internal rate of return, amortization… to mathematically evaluate all your investment ideas and advise you about your best option. Tell us about your investment ideas (if you have any), your budget and your time frame to start harvesting the fruit of your effort.

Production planning ($26/hour- average 6 hours) A creative mind never runs out of ideas. Unfortunately, the right information is not always available to begin them. Whether it is about creating a new product or getting a new production facility for your business, we offer you our assistance in finding the tools you need: materials, costs, timing, location... depending on the nature of your project. Explain the kind of product you would like to create or the type of business you owe and that you wish to extend. State your concerns as well as: whether it is about finding the materials, their costs, extending your business to another location… We are here to propose different alternatives among which you will be advised about the best in your situation.

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