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Mahika Kone is the CEO of the Seven Quantitative Business Company. She successfully obtained her Bachelor’s degree of Science in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Central Oklahoma. Eager to learn more, she’s decided to enroll in a Master Degree’s of Science at the University of Texas Arlington where she’s successfully completed her Master’s degree program in Mathematical Finance. In August 2020, Miss Kone initiates “Love Finance”. The purpose of this initiative is to help students/ anyone understanding Financial concepts with some practice guide. Her initiative is a complete success and is helping not only students, but also thousands of people willing to learn something about the topic Finance. In December 2020, Miss Kone earns a Master’s degree in Business administration with concentration in Finance. She is proud to say that she has earned her degree with a semester data GPA of 4.00.

Vision: “To become the best quantitative business analysis firm globally”. As the CEO, I do not accept mediocrity, I strive to reach the stars in all that I initiate. Thus, I can ensure that your money will never be wasted.

Mission: To serve as leader- we are at the service of the world, we are here for your business’s financial health, stability, and growth.

Smart goal: The seven QBA business plans to open its online website by February 20th, 2021. I am aware that this is the beginning of a long journey and the company will take time to gain in notoriety. However, I have faith in my skills and my dreams. The SQBA firm planned to open it's online website by year 2021, and here we are.

Mahika Kone

Analyze your entrepreneurial orientation using three of the five dimensions.

As the CEO of the 7QBA firm, I believe that a creative mind is the essence of success. So, innovativeness will be our first entrepreneurial orientation. “Love Finance” videos are made in two languages: French and English. From this basis, the 7QBA firm will be able to help both English and French companies that need our services. It was reported that “some 4,800 French companies employed 678,000 people in the United States in 2017. This makes France the third biggest foreign employer in America after the U.K. and Japan” (Thiery, 2018). See all these French companies? They are probably waiting for a helping hand in their financial management. One advantage is that we operate in both languages which will make the task easier whether we are working for a French or English firm. My employees will be more than welcome to practice autonomy, not in typical sense of the term for a start, but during our sessions of creative thinking. The reason is that we are currently a small team, so it is important that we stay consolidated and focused. While the company grows, Autonomy will definitely- be an option to consider as I am myself a free spirit who likes independence.

I am a go getter kind of person. I see opportunities where no else does until they realize that gold go through many transformations before it reveals its true nature. As the CEO of the 7QBA firm, my company will adopt the pro-activeness as its second entrepreneurial orientation.

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